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The half-spheres of solid beech wood are excellently suited for training the grip strength on slopers and improving body tension. They are available in two variants, with smooth and grooved surface and in two different sizes. Furnished with 8mm-holes, the slopers can be mounted to the Zlagboard.Vario as well as to a climbing wall or campus board.


The Nilo is the appropriate mount for the Zlagboard.Pro and .Vario. It is mounted against a straight section of the wall. Subsequently, the Zlagboard can be attached to the Nilo. For using your Zlagboard in different places, you can mount several Nilos, attaching and removing only the board itself.

Smartphone mount

With the universal smartphone mount you can easily and quickly fix your phone to the Zlagboard and start the training. Thanks to the simple design and flexible material, it’s highly resistant and easy to use. It is suitable for all sizes of mobile phones and for the Zlagboard.Pro, .Mini and .Vario.