Train Smart - Climb Hard!

More than the average hangboard for climbers

Measure & Analyze

Automated hang-time measurement & training log

Train like a pro with professional plans

Detailed, step-by-step training plans to reach your specific goals
Free pro-plans included with every Zlagboard.Pro and .Evo
Free pro-plans included with every Zlagboard.Pro and .Evo
More than the average hangboard for climbers!

Paired with its app, the award-winning Zlagboard is a true revolution in hangboard training. No more hand-written notes, spreadsheets and stop-watches to estimate hang-times. The Zlagboard system does the job for you, using a weight-triggered mechanism for smartphones to automatically track hang-times and pull-ups and to provide rest times.


The app structures an entire training cycle and individual sessions for you, providing detailed instructions for single exercises, repetitions and rest times.

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Train like a pro with professional plans

Improving finger strength is on the top of nearly every ambitious climber’s wishlist. The Zlagboard app brings cutting edge training knowledge right to your fingertips! You no longer have to worry about figuring out the best training method or how to best structure your sessions.

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Ingo Filzwieser
National team trainer and passionate climber

“Hangboard training is the most effective, easy and time-saving way to increase your finger strength. The Zlagboard training plans offer uncomplicated and specific training to achieve various goals such as muscle growth, maximum strength and power-endurance”

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The Zlagboard Contest is run on the legendary contest edges, with people all over the world registering their maximum hang time. Over the years, some of the strongest climbers have competed for the world record.

Zlagboard Contest World Ranking
Rank Name Gender Country Total time Difference
1 Günther Unterrainer M Austria 03:05.98 -
2 Ramon Julian Puigblanque M Spain 02:44.35 00:21.63
3 Elan Jonas-McRae M Canada 02:25.80 00:40.18
4 Ethan Jordan M Australia 02:20.50 00:45.48
5 Dmitry Fakiryanov M Russia 02:16.22 00:49.76
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Zlagboard.Contest videos
Zlagboard Contest // Arco 2015
Zlagboard Contest // Melloblocco 2016
Zlagboard Contest // Chamonix 2015