Train like a pro with professional plans

The professional training plans have been developed in collaboration with some of the most experienced coaches, namely Ingo Filzwieser, Gimme Krafts’ Dicky Korb and Patrik Matros, Patxi Usobiaga and Duncan Brown from Athlete By Choice. These training plans transform cutting edge knowledge into detailed instructions for a complete training cycle.

The training plans target a variety of specific goals:

Finger strength
Endurance & power endurance
Lock-off power
Ingo Filzwieser
National team coach and passionate climber
Dicki & Patrick
Professional coaches and authors of the standard-setting “Gimme Kraft!”
Patxi Usobiaga
Climbing World Champion and Elite Coach
Duncan Brown
National Coaching Director - Australian Sport Climbing Team, Head Coach at
3 reasons to use the pro-plans:
Do I need to be an expert climber to follow pro training plans?

No! The training plans are adapted for all levels. Completing the Level-Check will provide information as to which level is right for you.

The Zlagboard app provides a total of 24 plans, covering all training goals, from pure strength to power endurance. Set your goal, select the right plan, and start the journey to stronger fingers today.

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Essential things to consider when training with the pro-plans:
Ingo's tips for optimal training & injury prevention: