Frequently asked questions

What do I need to consider before starting hangboard training?

Hangboarding puts a large amount of strain on your fingers, shoulders and arms. Due to its intensity, it is necessary to be properly warmed up before starting a session. Never get on the hangboard after intense or long bouldering sessions, as the risk of injury will be high, while the gains from training when exhausted are low. To prevent injury, it is necessary to keep good form throughout the session. Become knowledgeable about how to engage your shoulders and other fundamentals before doing intense workouts.

Why hangboard training?

Hangboards have rightly become a core piece of training equipment for most climbers. Strong fingers are one of the most important aspects of climbing performance, and hangboarding is one of the best ways to significantly increase finger strength with a limited investment of time.

Do I need to be an expert climber to train on a hangboard?

Hangboard training can be done by most climbers, but you should be able to hang on the bigger holds for at least 15-20 seconds (using both hands) as a prerequisite to hangboard workouts. It is a high-intensity exercise and can lead to injury quickly if not done correctly. Also, hangboarding does not improve climbing technique. It is most efficient as a complementary exercise.

Why wooden hangboards?

To see gains in finger strength, you need to put in quite a bit of time hanging on holds. Wooden hangboards with ergonomically shaped holds put less stress on your skin and allow you to train pain-free consistently.

What are workouts?

Workouts are free single training sessions in the app. Choose your board, select a workout, and start training.

How can I subscribe to the Zlagboard plans?

You can subscribe by selecting the plan of your choice in the shop.

How can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe anytime by going to your profile page on our website and pausing your subscription.

Are Zlagboard Pro-Plans included in Vertical-Life subscriptions?

Yes! Training, Premium, and Premium with Friends subscriptions will grant you access to all Zlagboard Pro-Plans.