Who has the strongest fingers in the world?
The Zlagboard world ranking is determined based on maximum hang-time on the standardized legendary contest edges. Over the years, some of the strongest climbers have competed for the world record. The Zlagboard app allows you to compare yourself to climbers all over the world.
World Ranking
Rank Name Gender Country Total time Difference
8416 Patricia Buchinger F Austria 00:00.03 02:44.31
8417 Valentin Humber M Austria 00:00.03 02:44.32
8418 Helen Williams F Germany 00:00.03 02:44.32
8419 Mauro Arciolas M Italy 00:00.01 02:44.33
8420 Lana Kelmer F Austria 00:00.00 02:44.35
8421 Dorigati Tomaso M Italy 00:00.00 02:44.35
8422 Giorgia Vezzani F Italy 00:00.00 02:44.35
8423 Josh Allen Xuereb M United Kingdom 00:00.00 02:44.35
Zlagboard Hangtime World Record by Ramon Julian Puigblanque
Zlagboard Contest // Melloblocco 2017
Zlagboard Contest // Sharma Climbing, Barcelona
Zlagboard Contest // Melloblocco 2016
Zlagboard Contest // Arco 2015
Zlagboard Contest // Chamonix 2015
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